Smart City Strategy Index – Self-Assessment Tool

Get started on the road
to building a comprehensive smart city strategy!
The Smart City Strategy Index looks at how cities around the world are embracing the smart revolution. We created the index to assess the smart city strategies in three areas: IT infrastructure, actions fields (Buildings, Energy and Environment, Education, Health, Government, Mobility) and strategic planning.
In our accompanying study "Smart city, smart strategy" we investigated the official "smart city strategies" of 87 global cities, from Europe to Africa, from regional centers of less than half a million to megacities of more than 20 million. This is the first systematic study of on such a scale.
To help cities building comprehensive smart city strategies themselves, we developed our free Smart City Strategy Index – Self-Assessment.
The self-assessment tool is simple to use: Just enter some details about your cities strategy and answer a series of questions. The process takes about 30 minutes in total. After completing the self-assessment, you will receive your Smart City Strategy Index score and our team will then provide you with feedback, outlining strengths and weaknesses of your existing strategy and identifying possible areas for improvement.

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